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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are major topics in e-commerce these days. We want to show you four features of the Feed Image Editor app that we use machine learning for. There is a lot of work and time behind their release, but you can use them with one click. So which functions do we talk about?

Do you want to advertise more accurately? Bring attention to your goods with our e-commerce calendar and take advantage of special holidays for short-term campaigns. With our new pre-built templates and features, you can do it in a few minutes.

How to differentiate the offer from the competition is the most common question that every seller asks. Go differently than the others. Use our calendar to select interesting days for which you plan special events. For example, do you have a pet store? Take advantage of February 20, the day of love for animals.

We entered last year with a vision to improve image marketing. With the gradual improvements of the Feed Image Editor app and image auditing, our advertising vision was fulfilled. See how the last twelve months were for us.

Eye-catching images are important for online stores. They look as a gallery and have a more trustworthy effect on customers. You can add several of them at a time. In this article, you will find out which shopping engines are worth it and how to use the power of alternative images.

Christmas is knocking on the door. Use its charm and turn your products into this year's gifts. The ready-made templates in the Feed Image Editor app, which you are going to read about in this article, will help you to do it. As a bonus, you'll learn about the most popular Christmas colors, fonts, and advertising tips.