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Remove product background backgrounds without jagged edges

Some products have colorful and complicated shapes in the pictures. Consequently, their crop is not ideal and looks rough. In the Feed Image Editor, we bring you a new feature - smoothing the cropped edges of product images.

Product images have various backgrounds, and the products themselves have simple and complex shapes. To make the background look as good as possible, we've added the option to smooth the edges of the product image to the three-level background removal sensitivity. Let's take a closer look at our new feature.


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The function works on the principle of machine learning and is fully automated. Edge smoothing works in bulk, and you don't have to take any further action. You will notice improved results for all images. In what cases you will appreciate it most:

  • If the input images are of lower quality or smaller dimensions:

Significant difference between the removed background before and after smoothing the edges.

  • For products where you have removed complex background environments:

The furniture, which is photographed in the environment (room), the edges in the original version are rough.

  • For products that had the same color as the removed background color:

Improvements can be seen in white products, which originally had a white background.

Remove backgrounds in the Feed Image Editor and get rid of unattractively cropped images. You don't work in it yet? Try it for 30 free days.



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