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Low resolution is one of the most common problems you encounter when working with product images. Poor quality images can result in the goods not getting into the comparison engines. See how you can increase the resolution and return products to advertising with the new Feed Image Editor feature.

We have prepared a special event that allows you to increase conversions for your goods through image advertising. Improve dynamic remarketing on Facebook and advertise products with customized graphic labels. With the Feed Image Editor until the end of September, completely free.

In recent weeks, we have guided you on the path to an ideal image feed. We started with the most difficult issues affecting product images. Later we got to the less important ones. Finally, we introduced some recommendations on how to improve the quality of images and increase interest in your goods. In the last article, we will show you four small tips that should not miss your attention.

Quality product images improve the form of the product and give the impression of a professional approach. Simply put, they attract customers. Today we are going to show you how to deal with images that are not sharp enough, contain glitch, or are otherwise blurred. It is one of the last steps to get your image feed into shape.

In previous articles, we've shown you how to resolve several issues that may affect your product images. We are slowly approaching the finals. Today we are focusing on how to improve your product images in terms of content.

Watermarks in product images often function as security features. If you want to advertise on advertising systems and comparison engines, you must expect that watermarked images will be rejected. With Feed Image Editor, you can reveal which images in your feed contain watermarks.