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Take advantage of 10 pre-made graphic templates for the shopping madness at the end of November. Adapt them to your store's visuals and sell as many of your products as possible in online advertising.

Reduce images data size but keep their quality. Learn how to set up automatic and bulk compression in the Feed Image Editor app. It's easy when you follow a couple of simple steps. 

Audience-tailored campaigns will increase CTR. Offer your products the right way and convince a specific group to buy the product they want.

Each advertising platform has its own rules for product photos. What one platform allows another may restrict. Do you know how to send images to Google Shopping?

Do you offer any benefits to your customers buying products from your store? Let them know about that in the image campaigns. Let us show you how to do it with a typical example - a free gift.

Product sets are a selection of products from the Facebook Catalog. Divide them by criteria to offer customers more specific information. Advertise them in dynamic ads, collection ads, rotating ads, and Facebook Stores. See how to create them.