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Reduce images data size but keep their quality. Learn how to set up automatic and bulk compression in the Feed Image Editor app. It's easy when you follow a couple of simple steps. 

The results of our image audit show that the biggest barrier to advertising product photos is watermarks. Approximately 45 % of online stores have a problem with these security features. Most comparison engines do not support them. Therefore, products that contain them will not make it to the advertisement. In the Feed Image Editor, you can find a simple solution to remove them.

Removing the background in product images is often necessary for advertising on comparison engines. Some products have colorful and complicated shapes in the pictures. Consequently, their crop is not ideal and looks rough. In the Feed Image Editor, we bring you a new feature - smoothing the cropped edges of product images.

Do you want to advertise more accurately? Bring attention to your goods with our e-commerce calendar and take advantage of special holidays for short-term campaigns. With our new pre-built templates and features, you can do it in a few minutes.

We entered last year with a vision to improve image marketing. With the gradual improvements of the Feed Image Editor app and image auditing, our advertising vision was fulfilled. See how the last twelve months were for us.

Get a transparent background with literally one click. From November, you can find a new feature in the Feed Image Editor application. The newly added Reflection and Shadow tools will highlight your products and differentiate you from the competition. Let's take a look at how easy it works.