Feed Image Editor - Image Editor for Facebook Dynamic Ads. Increase CTR of your ads!

Feed Image Editor is an application for improving pictures of the e‑shop. Allows you to add color frames, stripes or lyrics to images.

All this will be done in bulk for large groups of goods. You can use the selections made in the Mergado in the usual way to limit image changes to selected product groups. Feed Image Editor is perfect for improving product photos for Facebook Product Ads to help increase ad clicks.

How does Feed Image Editor work?

Feed Image Editor allows you to improve your product ads images in bulk to increase the number of clickthroughs to your online store. Using automated rules, you can bulk add your logo, symbols, text, text strings, and other features to your images. Feed Image Editor requires your online store to be using Mergado application.


How can Feed Image Editor help you?

Consolidate the image format to display properly. Add your store’s logo, call-to-action, and many other features to be added to your product images.
Add text to images

Increase the clickthrough rate of your Facebook Product Ads.


How to get Feed Image Editor?

Feed Image Editor requires using Mergado app.
To activate and get more information please go to Mergado Store.
Try Feed Image Editor for 10 days for free and get the most out of the Facebook advertising potential.


How much does Feed Image Editor cost?

59.00 USD excl. VAT per month.

Price does not include a fee for Mergado app.

Try Feed Image Editor for 10 days for free

Turn on the Feed Image Editor for 10 days for free and then only for 1286 CZK per month and get more clicks from Facebook Product Ads!