Feed Image Editor - Better images, more sells

Online app for bulk improvement of product images and increase of sells.

How does Feed Image Editor work?

Bulkly and automatically. Improve the image advertising of your e-shop and increase the number of clicks. Take advantage of features such as background removal or improved image resolution. Create custom graphic templates, schedule them in campaigns, and export them to various ad systems.


How can Feed Image Editor help you?

The app oversees the specific rules of comparison engines and social networks to meet their required parameters.
With quality product images, you will increase the store's credibility and its click-through rate.


How to get Feed Image Editor?

The Feed Image Editor requires using Mergado.
Continue to the Mergado Store for more information.


How much does Feed Image Editor cost?

59.00 $ per month, without VAT.

It doesn't depend on the number of processed product images.

Try Feed Image Editor for 30 days for free