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How it works

For bulk and automated editing of product images in Feed Image Editor, all you need is the XML / CSV feed of your online store and a few start settings. Our online AI-powered application will bring you better images that not only look good, but attract more customers. Without wasting time or without the help of a graphic designer. Watch a one minute video that will tell you more about Feed Image Editor. Below the video, you'll find an overview of what features are available in the app.

The trial period of Feed Image Editor is 30 days. Activate it in the Mergado Store.




Choose which channel your ad is targeting and advertise images in the right shape, without distortion and poorly cropped parts. The app adapts the correct output format to you.



Insert labels containing information about prices, discounts, or free shipping directly into the images. We have editable graphic templates, frames, or stickers for you. Upload your store or brand logo to the app and customize the brand identity design in its colors. Choose from more than 150 fonts for appropriate texts. You can easily do it yourself without hiring a graphic designer.





Remove inappropriate product background images and replace them as needed. With AI-powered background removal it is possible just with one click on thousands of product images. 



Poor quality images discourage customers from buying and do not belong in advertising. Increase their resolution and quality, also with one click. The Upscale function enlarges the dimensions of small images and, with the help of artificial intelligence, delivers the required final shape. The images that clearly show the goods sell better.



According to the results of our data, watermarks are the biggest barrier to advertising on e-commerce platforms for online stores. It works like a small miracle - You simply mask the watermark and in a second it is gone. In a similar way you are also able to remove other inscriptions or elements directly from different parts of the product image.