Product images audit

No image feed is perfect. Use our app to discover the most common product image errors. You can do it easily with our tutorials.

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Why it's important to fill the image with the product and how to achieve this through proper positioning, offsetting, and distance to the edge of the product images.

Correct incorrect images in your online store, meet the conditions of shopping engines and sell your goods on various advertising systems.

Reduce images data size but keep their quality. Learn how to set up automatic and bulk compression in the Feed Image Editor app. It's easy when you follow a couple of simple steps. 

The Products page in the Feed Image Editor is designed to give you a better overview of your product photos. You can find out what format your images are, what size they are, whether the image URLs lead to a 404 error, and many more. You can now export products with the same images. How to do it?

The Settings sub-page is the latest addition to the app. One of the features you find here is to set up an automatic hiding of products where Feed Image Editor detects an error. See how to work with it.