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Google Shopping is one of the most important channels in the ecommerce world. You must adhere to specific rules for advertising. In the following articles we will advise you how.

Articles on the topic Google Shopping

The Remove Background function and its use for the Google Shopping advertising system. Images on a white background, without jagged edges and watermarks.

Each advertising platform has its own rules for product photos. What one platform allows another may restrict. Do you know how to send images to Google Shopping?

Advertising on Google Merchant is appealing to many sellers. From 1800 audits in 2021, we found that 11% of e-shops did not meet its requirements for product images. Together we will discuss the five most common mistakes and ways to avoid them. Let's take a closer look at watermarks, alternative images, the proper dimensions, and unavailable or missing product photos.

Christmas is knocking on the door. Use its charm and turn your products into this year's gifts. The ready-made templates in the Feed Image Editor app, which you are going to read about in this article, will help you to do it. As a bonus, you'll learn about the most popular Christmas colors, fonts, and advertising tips.