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Remove product image backgrounds for Google Shopping

The Remove Background function and its use for the Google Shopping advertising system. Images on a white background, without jagged edges and watermarks.


Google Shopping requires a white (transparent) background, without text or watermarks when advertising product images. If you are looking for an effective way to achieve this, you have come to the right place. With our app, you will meet all the requirements and get your products advertised.


Are your products snapped against different backgrounds? Delete it in our app in bulk and automatically for every product image that needs it. Compared to manual removal, you save a lot of time.


Product in a poor environment and product in a state ready for advertising.


Choose from three levels of sensitivity and set it according to how intensively the background should be removed. If some part disappeared during the removal, set the sensitivity of the effect higher. It makes background removal less aggressive. And vice versa - if it is not enough, choose a low sensitivity. The function tries to remove all background fragments.


Adjust the sensitivity and crop your product images perfectly.

With the Remove Background function, you don't need to search for different tools that only use the "lasso" or "magic wand" operation. You can design all the images for advertising in one place.



Read more about the three sensitivity levels of background removal in the New background removal options for product images that make your job easier article.


Due to distracting elements in the product image, advertising platforms may reject your ads. These include, in particular, protective tags, labels with CTA, identification inscriptions, and others. You can get rid of them by removing the background.


Image on a white background without distracting elements.


Read the table of conditions for image advertising on Google Shopping.


With the Remove Background feature in our app, you don't need to search for different tools that allow you to edit your photos. You can prepare all the images for advertising with Feed Image Editor in one place. By removing backgrounds from images, you can create visually appealing and professional-looking product images that show customers your products in their best light. This way, you can increase your brand credibility and attract more customers from Google Shopping.

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