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Alternative images help to sell

Eye-catching images are important for online stores. They look as a gallery and have a more trustworthy effect on customers. You can add several of them at a time. In this article, you will find out which shopping engines are worth it and how to use the power of alternative images.


Many online stores underestimate or do not manage alternative images at all. Use them to your advantage and show buyers what they are looking for. Bring the product closer to the client, give him a view from several angles or focus on detail.


Add more related images with the main one. The conditions on some of the shopping engines are usually the same as for the main image, but they differ in the maximum number. We have prepared a clear table for you with the allowed number of alternative images:



For example, you can use alternative images for selling fashion or electronics.

Use of alternative images in the fashion sector.

Use of alternative images in electricity sales.


Think about what the customer wants and needs to see first. Arrange the images according to quality and attractiveness. Put the best samples in the forefront.


  • In our audit, you will check the status of alternative images for selected shopping engines. If you use more images than is the allowed limit, they will not be advertised. This information will be displayed as a warning.

In this case, the number of alternative images is not exceeded.

  • In the recommendations, you will find out if the chosen shopping engine allows an image gallery and which products are missing that. Depending on this, you get to know where to add alternative images.

The audit will show you in which products it recommends adding alternative images.

We are happy to help you with alternative images. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or make an online appointment.


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