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The way to ideal image feed #4: Forbidden characters in URL

Most comparison engines operate on a series of rules that you must meet if you want to advertise on them. The rules also apply to product images. One of the issues you need to look out for when setting up advertising is illegal characters in the image URL. Read instructions on how to find such images and how to adjust them to meet all requirements.

To advertise on comparison engines, you need to know their requirements. Without it, they won't accept your ads. In images, the most common error is diacritics or spaces in the image file name. Learn what solutions the Feed Image Editor offers and use it to reduce the error rate of your online store.


Use the audit to find out the status of your product images. It is free, and it sends you the results within 24 hours. The audit reveals errors that contain your product images. It divides them into problems, warnings, and recommendations. Based on these results, you find out how to improve the product images conditions in your online store.

Example of audit results - problems, warnings, recommendations.


The results also include images that contain illegal characters in the URLs. You can rename the file or the path to it. Either way, it won't contain any forbidden characters. Do not forget to make the edit on your online store. Then you have to modify this address in the feed. In the Mergado Products section, you can do this separately at the level of individual products.

Manual change in Mergado.


If you don't want to waste time editing it manually, use the Feed Image Editor to fix the URLs for you. It automatically generates new URLs for the edited images in the output feed so that they do not contain diacritics or spaces and meet the comparison engine's criteria for the character length. It frees you from manual settings and saves a lot of time.

Input and output form of the image URL.

Try Feed Image Editor for 30 free days and get rid of problematic URLs in product images. With the audit and our application, you can advertise effectively. And your advertisement will meet the conditions of advertising channels.


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