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Remove background and make your product images visible on Google Shopping

The way to differentiate your product images by using AI to remove the background and add white shades.

Remove the background from product images and replace it with different shades of white. This technique can help differentiate your products from those of your competitors, and ultimately improve your chances of success on Google Shopping. It can have an influence on making a sale or losing a potential customer. 



The first step to differentiate from your competitors is removing the background of product images.
In the Feed Image Editor app, it is done automatically and in bulk. Follow this guide: 

  1. Open the Feed Image Editor app.
  2. Press +New Template on the right.
  3. Continue to Graphic Template.
  4. In the panel on the right, select the product query.
  5. In the second step, select the output format.
  6. In section 4, remove the background.

Removing the background can be a game-changer. By eliminating the clutter and distractions in the background, your product becomes the focal point of the image. Then you are able to add the background in different shades, not just plain pale white. 



Color of the background can be a bit more in grey or vanilla tones. Make sure that your product images meet the terms and conditions of Google Shopping.

Customers on Google Shopping browse through a sea of products from thousands of businesses. A clean and crisp product image can make all the difference in catching the eye of potential customers and convincing them to click through to your online store. Use our AI-powered tool to remove the background and play with shades of white color. This and more for a 30 days free trial.


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