Upscale product images

AI-powered upscaling features built in Feed Image Editor can enhance the resolution and quality of product images by using deep learning algorithms to generate new pixels and details. However, the quality of the results depends on the original image quality and the complexity of the product. 

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Feed Image Editor app offers some of the best AI-powered tools for product images editing.

The requirements of comparison engines include the minimum and maximum dimensions of product images. Small as well as big photos can cause advertising problems. With the Feed Image Editor, you can filter and edit non-compliant product images.

Feed Image Editor edits product images in bulk and automatically. Whether you need to remove products' background photos, improve their quality or add various graphic elements, the principle is still the same. You need to create a template and apply it to the query in Mergado. We have a simple guide for you on how to set up these templates and continue working with them. Let's get to it.

Most comparison engines do not allow you to add graphic elements or texts to product photos. When searching for goods, the same image is displayed by most of the sellers. Don't be among them and impress the customer with a unique picture. We'll tell you how.

Comparison engines and ad networks have different requirements for product images. If you want to advertise on them, you will probably need to adjust their dimensions and other parameters. In today's article, we will show you how to avoid this time-consuming process.

It is not easy to empathize with shoppers. Several unwritten rules help ensure their satisfaction when buying through comparison engines. One of them is a demonstration of products through quality photos closest to reality. See which images discourage shoppers the most and what to avoid when advertising.