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Create Product Selections by different parameters of product images

Divide your product images into groups as needed and edit them in bulk and automatically

Product queries in the Feed Image Editoru let you quickly improve poor-quality images, remove inappropriate backgrounds, or work with watermarks. You can also filter the products on which you want to apply graphics or add your company logo.


Product queries in MERGADO and Feed Image Editor 

You can already create different Product queries in MERGADO.


If you want to edit product images in your shop, use the Feed Image Editor. In the Products section you will find pre-made Product selections that will make manual sorting much easier.


Automatic selections are possible thanks to the diagnostics that your product images go through with the help of your feed. They search for images that: 

  • Are less than 300 x 300 px in quality, 
  • contain a background other than white or transparent
  • contain watermarks, text or graphic elements
  • are oriented in portrait or landscape orientation. 

If you need to merge product images based on other criteria, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Feed  Image Editor.
  2. Click on the Products
  3. In the Products, fill in your terms and conditions.
  4. Save and name the Product query.

Then apply the templates to the Product query. The template will be reflected on all product images on the Product query you selected. 


Let's look at a situation where you have grouped images in a Product query with an inappropriate, non-white background and you need to remove it. Apply a template to the Product query that removes the background and continue with editing, such as adding graphic elements, CTAs or logos. This avoids not only the manual image search but also the process of individually cropping the product in the image. 


Image. Start working with Product queris today and save a lot of your time and money. The MERGADO app and Feed Image Editor are free for the first 30 days, so don't hesitate.

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