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Easy way to advertise product images: car parts

The most common problems faced by car parts retailers and how Feed Image Editor finds automated solutions to them.

When shopping for car parts online, visual product presentation is extremely important. Customers expect crisp images with detailed illustrations to help them make purchasing decisions. However, many car parts retailers face several issues with product images that can affect their business success. 



Watermarks on car parts product images

Online stores receive images from multiple suppliers and often with a watermark already added. Such protective elements can not only look unprofessional and distract from the product itself but can be a reason not to get into advertising. 



Feed Image Editor offers an easy way to remove watermarks from product images in bulk and automatically using artificial intelligence


Poor-quality images with car parts 

Images with poor quality reduce customer trust and the likelihood of purchase. Feed Image Editor has an AI-powered tool that automatically improves image quality, which means it can improve out-of-focus or blurry images and ensure customers see car parts in the best light.



Different backgrounds in product images

When you source images from different suppliers, you run into the problem of inconsistent backgrounds. Most product comparison sites only ask for a white or transparent background



In our app, you can achieve such a background with one click. The non-compliant ones will be removed and replaced with white ones. 



Processing a large number of products with Feed Image Editor 

Car parts have a large product range and therefore processing a large number of products is time-consuming and costly. Feed Image Editor can process a huge number of product images at once, saving time and effort for salespeople. With its help, you can quickly and efficiently edit and unify all your car parts images.


Finally, we have a great tip for you, the Image Validator, which is completely free. Let us diagnose your feed and find out what errors you are facing. You don't need any registration and we'll deliver the results to your inbox within 24 hours.


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