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Dynamic campaigns for podcasts: How we used Feed Image Editor for Youradio Talk

For our long-term client Active Radio, we manage digital campaigns for their podcast platform Youradio Talk, which aggregates all Czech podcasts in one place and offers advanced personalisation of audio content to each user. How did we work with the creatives and use Feed Image Editor in conjunction with a customized product feed in Mergado in a non-traditional way?

We had very clear idea

Youradio Talk is a podcast app, so it's not surprising that the main goal is to increase the number of app downloads and the number of regular listeners. And of course at the lowest possible cost, which we've done as standard through app campaigns and campaigns to encourage sign-ups. Acquiring new listeners in this case is not difficult, almost anyone can download the app for a trial. The main challenge is to keep users on the app and transform them into regular listeners.


Personalisation is one of the most effective forms of advertising, so our plan was clear - to reach users by reminding them of new episodes of their favourite podcasts and recommending new relevant and tailored content across both Meta and Google Search campaigns. But how to achieve truly high personalisation of the message as in e-commerce? Simply. We decided to change the rules of the game and started using Feed Image Editor differently. In short: let's treat listening to and viewing podcasts like viewing products, and let's show people in campaign creative what they might be interested in. 

Did we have problem, (Houston)?

The problems did not wait long. After all, we wanted to turn podcasts into products, and for that we kind of lacked a standardized feed. But our persistence was bigger than the problem. We made a request to the developers to convert the RSS feed into a format for Mergado. The problem was solved in two shakes and we were just tweaking details in the app like the correct matching element, filling in missing tags, etc. You might ask why we decided to go with Mergado, so we'll give you the reason:

  • we can easily create product queries e.g. by podcast category,
  • we can use the feed once modified in variations for other platforms,
  • we can use the Feed Image Editor to enhance product images.


Time to boost our creativity

Creativity is a crucial factor that often separates success from failure. At Cognito, we also take care to be creative with dynamic campaigns, because "be consistent, memorable and recognizable" is a core mantra. We worked with a designer to create an ideal idea of what an ad could look like. All we received from the client in the feed was a podcast image, which in itself says nothing and certainly can't be used as an enticement to listen to podcasts and looks more like an ad for an online store with CD and VHS. We used a cartoon mockup of a mobile phone used across campaigns and the first draft of a template for the Feed Image Editor was created. We assemble the individual graphic elements in the template editor and as a bonus, create several variations that differ in color to add variety to the ads. The template consists of:

  • podcast title, which is dynamically written from the feed and for which we change the colors randomly,
  • the podcast image, also dynamically from the feed,
  • a static background with a mockup of a mobile phone.

Want to help achieve similar results with dynamic creative? Contact us or check out other services we offer at Cognito.


We have results and you can see them

Each new podcast that is added to the app has a template automatically created for advertising in the Meta platform. Thanks to detailed metadata such as category or podcast description, we are able to write only selected podcasts into dynamic ads based on user behavior, ensuring that it is always an attractive creative. The Feed Image Editor in conjunction with Mergado has made it possible to personalize the message for the user and automate the creative process. Finally, the numbers that are of interest to every marketer:


  • reducing the workload of preparing creative from tens of hours per month to minutes,
  • increasing the CTR of Meta ads by 44%,
  • reducing the cost per conversion in Meta by 90%,
  • a 40% reduction in total cost per user.

(Data is from the Meta ad platform one year after deploying dynamic campaigns with Feed Image Editor compared to one year before deployment.)

The article was written in partnership with Cognito, the author is Jan Špičák.


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