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Keeping track of all the products in your online store is not easy and everybody sometimes makes a mistake. One of the more serious mistakes is when there are no pictures of your products - it can considerably deter your customers. Read how you can always handle this situation using the Feed Image Editor.

We enjoy image marketing and it makes us happy to share inspiration and practical guides with you. To make your new campaigns reach the desired effect, your product images must be in the perfect technical and content order. Therefore, we will show you how to audit them. We believe these tutorials will bring you a lot of experience and new customers. Join us on the road to your ideal image feed.

Are you planning to launch a new campaign? Prepare everything in advance. You do not have to keep in mind that you have to run the upcoming campaign. With the new Feed Image Editor feature, you set templates to be activated and deactivated fully automatically for the day. You will use the saved time for other activities. Let's show you how.

The Products page in the Feed Image Editor is designed to give you a better overview of your product photos. You can find out what format your images are, what size they are, whether the image URLs lead to a 404 error, and many more. You can now export products with the same images. How to do it?

We improve the features in the Feed Image Editor to make it easy and efficient to use. One of the latest innovations is the modified alignment of elements. See how it works.

The Settings sub-page is completely new to the app. It makes your work easier and gives you a better overview of your product photos. Also, you can edit and add your own image sets. Let us see how you do it.