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Campiri: Improve conversion rate with Feed Image Editor

Campiri lies on the border between the online world and offline adventures on four wheels. It is a platform that enables easy reservation of camper vans with just a few clicks. The goal is to connect travelers interested in renting a camper van  with rental agencies or private owners who own camper vans  but don't use them throughout the year.


During the summer season, there is the highest demand for cars, and our aim is to ensure that no camper vans unnecessarily stands parked and is utilized to its maximum potential. Therefore, we created a campaign to encourage people to book as many dates as possible, including shorter "gaps" in the calendars. It also helped customers quickly identify which dates were still available and how much it would cost.


Thanks to the Feed Image Editoru, we could include all key information in the product banner, making it easily accessible to users. We also succeeded in improving the conversion rate because people clicking on the ad were primarily those for whom the offer was relevant. The product banner dynamically displayed variables such as the rental price, date of availability, and the city where users could rent it


The goal of these ads was to attract as many customers as possible while minimizing costs for individual reservations. And what was the result? After testing a total of 7 graphic creatives, it turned out that the most effective were two, one of them utilizing the Feed Image Editor.

Another benefit, although it did not increase performance, was the positive perception of differentiating ourselves with Feed Image Editor (not only) from the competition and the opportunity to creatively connect the ad with our Campiri brand.

As the summer season approaches, we are already brainstorming how to take it to the next level with the Feed Image Editorem this year.

The article was written in partnership with Campiri, the author is Klára Vaníčková.

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