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Why removing product images' background using AI can increase conversions

Removing the background from product images using AI is an excellent way for online stores to enhance their product images and boost their sales.

Traditionally, background removal was done manually using lasso and magic wand. This can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when you have a large number of pictures. However, with the AI-powered app Feed Image Editor, the process has become more efficient and cost-effective. It can automatically detect the product in the image and remove the background in bulk in a matter of seconds.


Why is removing background from product images so important? 

A cluttered background can be distracting and may even make the product appear unprofessional. By removing the background, the focus is solely on the product, which is more visually appealing. Also, you can add different effects and increase the chances of a sale in bulk.


Benefits of  background removal

  1. Versatility: The transparent background allows you to effortlessly place your product image on any type of background, be it a plain white one or a patterned one. Furthermore, it is important to adjust your images based on the specific terms and conditions of the merchandise comparison sites. 
  • Google Shopping requires the use of a white background. Our app offers you Shadow and Reflection effects, which can be utilized to make your product images stand out from your competitors. What’s more, this adds a three-dimensional feel to your product.

  • When it comes to advertising on Facebook, there is more space for creativity. You can use Feed Image Editor to put your product images into visually appealing graphic templates that align with your brand. There are numerous pre-made creatives, backgrounds, and elements.

  1. Focus on the product: A transparent background allows the product to be the focus of the image. There are no distracting elements in the background that can take away from the product itself. Also, when you have a problem with watermarks this could be a solution for you. 

  1. Professional look: A transparent background gives product images a professional look, which can increase customer confidence in the product and the retailer. It also helps to convey the quality of the product.

  1. Compatibility: Transparent backgrounds are compatible with different file formats, making it easier for retailers to use the images across various advertising platforms and marketplaces.

With the help of the AI-powered app Feed Image Editor, the process of removing backgrounds has become more efficient and cost-effective. Aren't these benefits enough? Add a 30 days trial and great functions such as a watermark removal or upscale to it, and we believe you won't be disappointed.

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