New improvements and features

Here you will find articles and videos that describe the new features and show you how to work with them. We are actively developing the Feed Image Editor app and Image validator and strive to make it as user-friendly as possible. You'll see all improvements and great tips for our product selling here.

Articles on the topic New improvements and features

Upscale is an AI-powered feature for enhancing the resolution of product images

Removing the background in product images is often necessary for advertising on comparison engines. 

Many comparison engines require a white background without adding a product photo or graphic elements in their surroundings. You are already familiar with our Background Removal feature in the app. This time we will show you how to improve it with the slider. It changes the background crop sensitivity of product photos.

We entered last year with a vision to improve image marketing. With the gradual improvements of the Feed Image Editor app and image auditing, our advertising vision was fulfilled. See how the last twelve months were for us.