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Millions of images. How was 2021 in Feed Image Editor?

We entered last year with a vision to improve image marketing. With the gradual improvements of the Feed Image Editor app and image auditing, our advertising vision was fulfilled. See how the last twelve months were for us.


Our audit has been helping you for more than a year to find out how your product images work. It detects errors and advises what parts of the feed you should add or modify. In 2021, you performed 1,800 audits. We helped you check 8 899 780 main and 6 407 695 alternative pictures.

In the audit, we have expanded the supported formats to 26. 8 language mutations are also ​​available now.


We did 6 major releases. These are their highlights:

These features complement existing in-app editing options and extend the ways you create professional image ads. Feed Image Editor edits more than two million product images daily.


For example, at the E-commerce Warsaw Expo in Poland. We gave lectures on image marketing at ShopCamp in Prague and the MeetUp in Brno.

Our trainer Marek Daňko met 59 of you at workshop that we hold online once a month.

  • And what does Marek think of the past year from his point of view?

„Marketers have moved incredibly in the last year in image marketing. They are thinking more about how the benefits of the assortment in online stores are advertised in images. During the training, I often advised how to work effectively with short-term and long-term image campaigns, how to differentiate sellers from the competition, or how to use alternative images. The shift can also be seen in graphics - marketers follow current trends. They use more graphic elements and color shades. On the other hand, they still find that many online stores have errors in the images, which ultimately prevent them from advertising on comparison engines. These are often missing images, incorrect backgrounds, or poor image quality. In managing this, many of them appreciated our image audit, which allows them a complete diagnosis and, in addition, verify the conditions required by the engines.“


In the end, we also asked Michal Janík, the head of the Profitak group.

  • How does Michal see image advertising next year?

„Image data is important. It helps increase sales. We used to think about managing them from shop systems to advertising systems. Today I see a better solution when importing data into the seller systems, e. g. from a supplier. It allows you to enhance the images that appear on the site and increase its conversion rate.“

  • Why should online stores have a Feed Image Editor?

„Because the pictures sell. Because they have images in internal systems and their employees can work with quality images better than with low-quality ones. Because their high-quality images can set them apart from the competition. Because auditing image data yields valuable information that the seller would not otherwise have. Because wholesalers can prepare better input for retailers, thereby increasing their sales.“



Try image marketing with us and increase CTRs to your online store. Our customer support is at your disposal. Or make an online appointment.


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