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Remove background from product images

Get a transparent background with literally one click. From November, you can find a new feature in the Feed Image Editor application. The newly added Reflection and Shadow tools will highlight your products and differentiate you from the competition. Let's take a look at how easy it works.


One of the standard requirements of shopping engines is a white background without disruptive elements.

Comparison engines may not accept some images due to non-compliance with advertising requirements.

Mistakes are: 

  • background-color other than white
  • photos of products put into the environment
  • the product background contains text and graphic elements

If these issues apply to you, follow these steps to remove the background in the Feed Image Editor:

  1. Click Templates in the top bar.
  2. Press New Template on the right.
  3. Continue to Graphic Template.
  4. In the panel on the right, select which products you are applying to the template.
  5. In the second step, select the output format.
  6. In section 4, remove the background and apply filters or effects to the product images.

The tool allows you to bulk edit the background of all images. This option saves you a lot of time on manual adjustments.


To learn how to work with colors, see Why colors are important in product images, or check out more ideas on our blog.


In addition to changing the background color of the product, you have the option of adding two effects that set you apart from the competition in advertising.

If you have removed the background from the images, adding the Shadow effect will highlight the product contours. Products highlighted in this way get a 3D effect that makes them look special on a white background. Adjust the Shadow as needed by color, transparency, blur, or sideways.

Reflection is a spatial effect that reflects the product in a mirror image. The goods acquire a 3D effect and are more interesting to the customer's eye. You have three options for perfect tuning: 

  • change of reflection 
  • angle adjusting the distance from the product 
  • transparency settings


Let's sum it up. In the Feed Image Editor, you first remove the background so that it remains transparent. In the next step, you can simply replace it with white background, or highlight the products with a shadow or reflection effect.

Try Background Removal in the Feed Image Editor. Activate the app for the 30 free days in the Mergado Store. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or make an appointment online.

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