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Increase the resolution of small images with the new Feed Image Editor feature

Low resolution is one of the most common problems you encounter when working with product images. Poor quality images can result in the goods not getting into the comparison engines. See how you can increase the resolution and return products to advertising with the new Feed Image Editor feature.

Don't underestimate the requirements of comparison engines

If the images do not meet the minimum pixel requirements, the comparison engine will not accept them, and your goods will not be advertised. The solution may be to look for replacement images that will have a higher resolution. We wrote about how to search for pictures in one of the previous articles. A much more elegant solution is to improve the resolution of the original images. Read on to find out how.


If you're advertising on multiple comparison engines, you know that they often have different specifications for the XML feed and the images. Keeping track of the rules is challenging even for advanced marketers, not to mention that they change from time to time. To make you go crazy out of it, you can read specifications for selected comparison engines together on our blog.

Pay attention to low-quality images

The obstacle may also be the insufficient quality of the images. It may happen that even if they meet the minimum dimensional requirements, the products may not be visible. Additionally, if you adjust the format, these images will be scattered. Feed Image Editor will be a great help in this case. With improved resolution, low-quality images will no longer bother you. An easy way to detect poor-quality images in your XML feed is using the Image audit.

Improve the resolution of your images in a few simple steps

Let's take a look at where to find the new function in the Feed Image Editor and how to proceed:

1. Open the Feed Image Editor and click the New Template button.

2. In the Template Gallery, select Image Resolution Enhancements. The Feed Image Editor initially analyzes whether your feed contains low-resolution images (600 x 600 pixels). As this is an initial setup, it may take a while. If there are such images in your feed, you'll see previews of them in the resolution enhancement previews.

3. To preview the enhancements, select several images from the thumbnails and click Generate Thumbnails. After the process, you will see the original and improved image side by side.

4. If you are content with the result, select the product query to which you want to apply the enhancement in the panel on the right. If your query includes low and high-resolution images, it doesn't matter at all. Resolution enhancements will only apply to images smaller than 600 x 600 pixels.

5. In the format settings, select the output format of the advertising system. Finally, don't forget to name and save the template.

Activate the Feed Image Editor in the Mergado Store for the first free 30 days and try the resolution enhancements today. 

If you need advice on setup, feel free to email us at or make an online appointment. We will be happy to advise you on how to use other functions of the Feed Image Editor.

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