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Most comparison engines operate on a series of rules that you must meet if you want to advertise on them. The rules also apply to product images. One of the issues you need to look out for when setting up advertising is illegal characters in the image URL. Read instructions on how to find such images and how to adjust them to meet all requirements.


Most comparison engines do not allow you to add graphic elements or texts to product photos. When searching for goods, the same image is displayed by most of the sellers. Don't be among them and impress the customer with a unique picture. We'll tell you how.

Removing the background in product images is often necessary for advertising on comparison engines. 

Comparison engines and ad networks have different requirements for product images. If you want to advertise on them, you will probably need to adjust their dimensions and other parameters. In today's article, we will show you how to avoid this time-consuming process.

It is not easy to empathize with shoppers. Several unwritten rules help ensure their satisfaction when buying through comparison engines. One of them is a demonstration of products through quality photos closest to reality. See which images discourage shoppers the most and what to avoid when advertising.

Many comparison engines require a white background without adding a product photo or graphic elements in their surroundings. You are already familiar with our Background Removal feature in the app. This time we will show you how to improve it with the slider. It changes the background crop sensitivity of product photos.