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Apply the rules in the correct order and keep the current values

Every user of Mergado and its apps encounters the rules. Their logic also applies to the Feed Image Editor. We will show you how to work with the rules and what is good to think about if you use our app.


After editing the template, you won't see any immediate change in the output images, but only when the rules are applied.

If you make bulk edits to the values ​​in the elements in the export - for example, using the Find and Replace rule, keep in mind that they are hierarchically higher than the Feed Image Editor rules.

Rules with manual edits to values in the feed must be higher than the Feed Image Editor rules.


Learn more about the rules in Mergado Help. We recommend the video: Get Started With Rules.




Feed Image Editor takes values ​​directly from the feed. In order to be properly rendered in images, they must be up to date in the feed. In the support, we encounter a problem with the label, in which the price is not manifested. In most cases, the error is already at the feed level, where there is an empty value in the price element for the given product. Sometimes this is due to the mass editing of values ​​in the feed, which takes place only after the original ones are drawn into the images. We therefore recommend that you keep the data up to date and check the order of the rules.



As Mergad's slogan says: The rules are there to be applied. For those who are proficient in applications, they are nothing new. However, working with them is not necessary. If you are among those who do not insert dynamic elements into images using the feed element layer, you will not encounter their use. In case of any ambiguity, we are at your disposal for client support, or arrange a free online consultation with product owner Marek Daňek.



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