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When you advertise several product photos in one image, you give the customers a better idea how your goods appear. The Feed Image Editor appl offers the option to compile a collage of alternative images to introduce all product details. Read instructions on how to create an engaging set of photos.

Online stores contain many different product images. You can find a mixture of small, large, high-quality and low-quality photos there. Some dimensions are directed more horizontally, others vertically. Ideally, you need only one format to use in the advertising system. Let us show you how to easily unify or customize them in the Feed Image Editor.

Exporting and importing templates in the Feed Image Editor is advantageous for anyone advertising on multiple ad systems or in different language versions. Don't waste time creating the same template for other outputs. We'll show you how to do it once and then apply it to all the outputs your ad targets.

Creating various templates, combining them, and applying them to thousands of images is a great advantage of the Feed Image Editor. Set the order in which they should be applied. In product queries, you can suddenly remove backgrounds, add graphics, or improve the resolution of photos that need it.

As promised, we update the e-commerce calendar every three months. You can display it online or print it. We have also added a stack of graphic elements to our application. See new stickers, labels, and both universal frames and ones for Easter advertising.

Feed Image Editor edits product images in bulk and automatically. Whether you need to remove products' background photos, improve their quality or add various graphic elements, the principle is still the same. You need to create a template and apply it to the query in Mergado. We have a simple guide for you on how to set up these templates and continue working with them. Let's get to it.