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Get inspired by the enhanced e-commerce calendar for July, August, and September

What opportunities will summer and the beginning of autumn bring? We have added other advertising options for the next three months to our e-commerce calendar. It also includes a national video games day, book lovers day, or a day without plastic bags. Use them to your advantage and connect to the calendar simply via Google or print a PDF document.


For this part, we processed the months of July, August, and September. Choose what days are the most useful for themed campaigns.

Connect to the calendar or print it out

👉 Digital version of the calendar
👉 PDF ​​version to download


As usual, we add graphic elements to the Feed Image Editor application, which you can use. You can easily customize them all in size and color.

New stickers in the Feed Image Editor app


Back the sale of your product images by inserting a CTA or other elements. In this article, we have described what graphic options and texts to insert into the image advertisement. You can use it, for example, in advertising systems such as Facebook or Instagram.


Some of you have already read our calendar. If you want to see the options for the first half of the year, click the articles:


Schedule image advertising using e-commerce calendars. It will suitably create an atmosphere for your customers and give them a better reason to buy your goods. Get one step ahead of the competition with themed campaigns and Feed Image Editor.

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