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Work with Christmas templates and advertising tips from Feed Image Editor

Christmas is knocking on the door. Use its charm and turn your products into this year's gifts. The ready-made templates in the Feed Image Editor app, which you are going to read about in this article, will help you to do it. As a bonus, you'll learn about the most popular Christmas colors, fonts, and advertising tips.


Color perception is relatively subjective. But there are universal principles for their use. Let us show you how to work with them in the Feed Image Editor and select the most suitable ones.

Which colors remind you of Christmas? Unrivaled red and green are in the first two places.


Magenta and blue have become a trend in 2021. In the third and fourth position, they replaced the classic dark blue and purple.

Tune the accessories in gold, silver, and white. Don't be afraid to use them as a dominant color. By combining shades, you get an infinite number of options.


Do you have colors that associate with your brand identity? Use them while preparing templates and link the advertising with the company's visuals. The function that generates a color palette from the source image in the Feed Image Editor can be a good help


Just like colors, fonts affect us too. Choose what kind of tone you want to convey to people. Therefore, ideally choose one, maximum of two fonts - the main and the additional one. Christmas is associated with decorative lettering or one that looks handwritten.

You can choose from more than 100 fonts in our database. If you did not find the one you want to use, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to add it.


Try our latest background removal feature. The background of the products will remain transparent and you can fine-tune it according to your own Christmas ideas. Use the Reflection and Shadow effects to highlight items. Read more in the Remove product image backgrounds article.


Use our Christmas templates or create your own with the help of the previous tips. We also have seasonal stickers for you and the option to add graphic elements or images.


Specify the length of the campaign as needed. With our application, you simply set the beginning and end of the use of templates. In the calendar, select the duration of the period and define the required days. You can read about automatic template activation in the Set up template activity automatically article.

Every shopper wants to get his gifts on time. Prepare your advertising for the Christmas season with the Bidding Fox Elements app. Using it, your customers will see how much time left they have to create an order granting delivery before Christmas. In the application, you simply select and activate the elements you want to work with. Based on the data from the elements, you set the product to count down the days, which are automatically rendered in the images. The number of days changes at midnight.

Decorate your advertising with the Feed Image Editor. Try it free for the 30 days and see how easy you can make your product´s image advertising to be appealing.

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