Creating and editing templates

Discover the wide variety of templates you can create and edit with the following articles. Create a unique image campaign to engage your customers. Using Feed Image Editor.

Articles on the topic Creating and editing templates

Adding logo to product images can help increase brand recognition and recall, establish a stronger brand identity.

84 new backgrounds for your online advertising made by the AI-powered app Midjourney

Explore how to use AI-powered background removal for your product images and create great product image ads on Pinterest.

Remove background with AI-powered tool from your product images in one click and create eye-catching ads on Snapchat.

We improve the features in the Feed Image Editor to make it easy and efficient to use. One of the latest innovations is the modified alignment of elements. See how it works.

The Settings sub-page is completely new to the app. It makes your work easier and gives you a better overview of your product photos. Also, you can edit and add your own image sets. Let us see how you do it.