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How to sell one product to different audiences? Check out our 3 tips

Audience-tailored campaigns will increase CTR. Offer your products the right way and convince a specific group to buy the product they want.


Use different type of sales for  better targeting. 


A transport directly to your apartment or having tonight's outfit dry in 30 minutes. These are ways to sell a washer and dryer to two different audiences. The first is an older customer who can't carry the heavy appliance alone. The second one wants to wear a favorite outfit for a date occasion, but he didn't have time to prepare the day before.


One product, two different advertising messages.


Tailor your image campaign information according to the stage of the customer's purchase.


The customer has only viewed the product vs. the customer put the product in the cart but has not completed the purchase.

It is especially true for dynamic remarketing on Facebook. When setting up campaigns, pick a product catalog with products and graphics for an audience that left a purchase in the cart and has not completed the order.

In the Feed Image Editor, you can easily create such graphics yourself - no help from a graphic designer is needed. We recommend you apply a template with a CTA to make users complete purchases. Facebook will take care of the rest. It will display the edited product images to a specific audience.

You can have more conditions. For example, you can apply the same procedure for products that the customer has not yet added to the cart but has viewed on the web page.


Show your customers last change for buying or benefit as extended warranty.


In the Mergado output feed, which the user uploads to the advertising system, there can be only one URL and, therefore, only one image in the element for the main image. If you want to advertise products on Facebook in a carousel in square format and wide format (1200 x 628), you need to have separate feeds and upload each to a separate catalog.


Different graphics at once. Without much effort. Improve your sales strategies with our app.




Most online stores advertise only basic images and don't consider customizing the graphics to a specific selection of customers or sales channels. In online advertising, you need to remember that on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, for example, you will find different users with different needs.

If you're looking for a way to do this, use the Feed Image Editor app. How does it help you?

  • Create colorful graphics quickly and easily to target your audience.
  • Customize a format for different output (advertising) systems
  • Send various product images to advertising systems

And other options that you apply to product images in bulk and automatically. Try the Feed Image Editor app for 30 free days. Do you not know how to set it up the first time? Email or schedule a free 30-minute online consultation.

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