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What product photos may contain on Google Shopping

Each advertising platform has its own rules for product photos. What is allowed in one of them may be forbidden in another. Do you know what format you can send images to Google Shopping? We have prepared a summary of the requirements for you.

For your photos to appear, it is necessary to specify the image_link [url_image] attribute in your XML.


  • The URL must lead to the main image page of the product. It must begin with http or https characters and follow RFC 2396 or RFC 1738. Each address must be accessible for Googlebot and Googlebot-image. The product must be shown in the product photo. You can use the following formats:
    • non-animated GIF, .gif,
    • .jpg, .jpeg,
    • .png,
    • .bmp,
    • .tif, .tiff.
  • The minimum image size for products except the clothing category is 100 x 100 px. The clothing category corresponds to 250 x 250 px.
  • The maximum size is 64 megapixels and 16 MB. A product photo must not contain text, watermark, or borders. Do not use enlargements and thumbnails or placeholders (exceptions are in the Hardware and Motor Vehicles and Components categories).

See the Google Merchant Center Help for detailed product data information.


Demonstration of the correct product display on Google Shopping.

But there are no limits to your imagination in product advertising either. You can try to inspire the great players who did it.

Demonstration of creative compliance with Google Shopping.

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