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Exporting and importing templates in the Feed Image Editor is advantageous for anyone advertising on multiple ad systems or in different language versions. Don't waste time creating the same template for other outputs. We'll show you how to do it once and then apply it to all the outputs your ad targets.

Feed Image Editor edits product images in bulk and automatically. Whether you need to remove products' background photos, improve their quality or add various graphic elements, the principle is still the same. You need to create a template and apply it to the query in Mergado. We have a simple guide for you on how to set up these templates and continue working with them. Let's get to it.

Vánoce klepou inzerci na dveře. Využijte jejich prodejní sílu a přimějte zákazníky, aby letošní dárky vybrali právě z vašich produktů. Pomohou vám k tomu předpřipravené šablony v aplikaci Feed Image Editor, o kterých si přečtete v článku. Jako bonus se dozvíte o nejpopulárnějších vánočních barvách, fontech a tipech na inzerci.

We improve the features in the Feed Image Editor to make it easy and efficient to use. One of the latest innovations is the modified alignment of elements. See how it works.

The Settings sub-page is completely new to the app. It makes your work easier and gives you a better overview of your product photos. Also, you can edit and add your own image sets. Let us see how you do it.

The advertising platforms where you advertise support different sizes of banners or product photos. It is important to follow these rules to ensure that your offer is displayed correctly. On the FIE Settings sub-page, you find an overview of the sizes you are using and their editing options. How to work with them?