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How to create a set of products in the Facebook Catalog

Product sets are a selection of products from the Facebook Catalog. Divide them by criteria to offer customers more specific information. Advertise them in dynamic ads, collection ads, rotating ads, and Facebook Stores. See how to create them.


Commerce Manager is the central tool for all your online sales activities on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find the navigation on the left side of the page where you choose Catalog - Sets. In the right top corner, you have the Create Set field. Select the option to apply filters. Then just define the filters according to your idea and the set is ready to advertise.

Once you have created your product sets, you can start using dynamic ads.


In stock - the set will contain all the products you have in stock. In the rules, select availability, select condition is, and select in stock from the menu.

A preview of the procedure for setting a set in stock.

Up to $10 - here, select products that have a price up to $10. You are working with the price is less than the $10 option and from the offered currency.

Set with price less than $10.

Combination of conditions - you can combine individual conditions. For example, create a set of products in stock, with a price up to $10. 

Combination of coditions. 

Always save the new set.



Goods of your online shop are already divided. What next? Create the same groups in Feed Image Editor and make a custom template for each. Your ads will be more personal and better targeted. If you don't use our app yet and want to learn more, watch the short video on YouTube.

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