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A free gift for your customers. How to get it into image advertising?

Do you offer any benefits to your customers buying products from your store? Let them know about that in the image campaigns. Let us show you how to do it with a typical example - a free gift.

A little extra thing can attract consumers to buy goods from you. To make them know about it, you need to advertise it properly. That is why we are to show you four ways to create a template that helps you to sell a product with a free gift.


A sentence that everyone likes to read. Let us show you the right way to insert information that you are offering a gift. We recommend:

  1. Show the gift

It is pivotal to be clear what the main product and the gift are. Separate the gift with a sticker, frame, text, etc. You can also work with sizes on product images. Keep the product in the foreground, and place the gift on the side.

  1. Mention what the gift is - by text or picture

Specify the product you are offering as a gift by a name.


Follow the e-commerce calendar and advertise relevant themed campaigns. Both online and offline, your advertising will always be ready for every e-commerce season.  

  1. Don't show what gift a customer is going to get

Be a little mysterious. Just communicate “a free gift” in the template, and do not say what the product is. You will arouse curiosity and increase your store’s CTR.

  1. Shopping over a certain value with a gif

Set the lowest possible price which includes a gift with your order. This way, your customers will buy your product at a certain value.

Maybe the gift/benefit you offer will make customers think first of your store the next time they shop online. For more inspirational templates, stickers, or CTAs, check out our 10 graphic templates as inspiration for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat article. Do you want to stay in touch with the latest image marketing news? Follow our Twitter.

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