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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: How to create converse image campaigns

Take advantage of 10 pre-made graphic templates for the shopping madness at the end of November. Adapt them to your store's visuals and sell as many of your products as possible in online advertising.

During the days around Black Friday, which is on November 25, 2022, electronics are the most likely to be bought at a discounted price. Almost all segments are affected by the huge sales. In our app, we've themed new templates for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Days full of sales.

Image campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The creatives are used by almost everyone, so it's necessary to have them at a high level and attract the attention of potential customers.

The benefit of the graphic elements in the Feed Image Editor is that they are easy to edit. In a few clicks, you can create a template customized to your online store, even without the help of a graphic designer.


Schedule your image campaigns, so you don't have to think about turning them on and off anymore. In the Feed Image Editor, you can set campaign dates in just a few clicks. Learn more in the Set up automatic processes in your online shop and enjoy your holiday article.


The newest updates to our app are 5 templates for Black Friday and 5 for Cyber Monday: 






Now it's your turn. Try to create templates with the Feed Image Editor. If you are not familiar with using the app, check out the short tutorials on our YouTube channel. For new clients, we have a free trial period of 30 days

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