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10 graphic templates to kick off the 2023 season

How to profitably start the upcoming season? Use our 10 pre-made templates in the theme of New Year sales and motivate people to buy.

Use most of the New Year period in e-commerce, offer discounts and encourage people to buy even after Christmas. With the new 10 pre-made templates, it will go smoothly. You can easily edit them and visually adapt them to your brand.



Check out the Feed Image Editor's new templates:






You can also use other graphic elements for your New Year's image campaigns that you can find in our app.



Call to action (CTA) redirects potential buyers to where you need them to go. In the article Support the sale of your product images by inserting a CTA or other elements, you can find examples of how to work with it.


With properly communicated offers in your online store, you can increase sales. In an online environment, the enticing visuals of graphic templates will help you do this. If you want to learn more about how to work with them, sign up for our free online training course called Increase Sales with Graphic Templates.

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