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Yes, e.g. for RTB campaigns, but it has to support XML feed format for Google Shopping / Facebook.

The application works only with the primary picture from the element “g:image_link”. Check if alternative pictures are not used. In the output feed, look for the element “g:additional_image_link”. If you find it, hide the element – see Mergado instructions here.

On the output the image dimensions are 600 x 600 px (Carousel Ads) or 1200 x 628 px.

Try sending the ad. Facebook will name the errors, e.g. “No product set was chosen.”

Unlike the standard version, the eXpress version allows only picture format modifications without the possibility of further improvements.

No. Feed Image Editor is a tool used by marketing specialists or eshop employees responsible for advertising management on the comparison shopping engines.

These are skipped by the application and left without modification. In case of wrong dimensions, the picture may not appear correctly in the ad. Therefore we recommend setting one general template for all products and placing it at the end. This way you make sure all the pictures are displayed correctly.

Feed Image Editor will apply only the highest template in the list of templates.

Try a different browser, e.g. the Chrome browser from Google. If that doesn’t help, please send us a screenshot and the eshop’s name.

The higher the template, the higher priority it has (it overwrites the templates below).

The highest priority = 1.

A new template goes to the last place (it has the lowest priority).

Use drag & drop to change position/priority.

The application will tide up and change the pictures' address to the original values. All the saved templates will be lost.

A Mergado account (and an eshop) with an export to Facebook.

We recommend approaching specialists from Mergado certified agencies.

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