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In the online store, product images often have different dimensions. Editing them all in a single format can be tedious. In addition, advertising systems vary in requirements. Your product images will not get into the advertisement if you don't meet them.

This time we will go back one step from Facebook images and their modifications - to the product catalog, which is essential for advertising on Facebook. Its creation is simple. Let's go through it together.

The requirements of comparison engines include the minimum and maximum dimensions of product images. Small as well as big photos can cause advertising problems. With the Feed Image Editor, you can filter and edit non-compliant product images.

Dynamické prvky už nie sú vo Feed Image Editore novinkou. Vďaka ich používaniu sú vaše reklamy neustále aktuálne, aj keď často upravujete feed. Pokiaľ chcete zákazníkom zobrazovať cenu vašich produktov, je dobré zmeniť jej formát z EUR na €. Pozrite si návod, ako na to.

Dynamic elements are no longer new in the Feed Image Editor app. By using them, your ads stay up-to-date, even if you frequently edit the feed. If you want to show the price of your products to customers, change its format from EUR to €. Or USD to $. See instructions on how to do this.

Every user of Mergado and its apps encounters the rules. Their logic also applies to the Feed Image Editor. We will show you how to work with the rules and what is good to think about if you use our app.

The results of our image audit show that the biggest barrier to advertising product photos is watermarks. Approximately 45 % of online stores have a problem with these security features. Most comparison engines do not support them. Therefore, products that contain them will not make it to the advertisement. In the Feed Image Editor, you can find a simple solution to remove them.