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Guide customers to the next shopping step using a call-to-action label or inform them about a discounted product price. Use product images with embedded CTA or other text, for example, in advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

When you advertise several product photos in one image, you give the customers a better idea how your goods appear. The Feed Image Editor appl offers the option to compile a collage of alternative images to introduce all product details. Read instructions on how to create an engaging set of photos.

As promised, we update the e-commerce calendar every three months. You can display it online or print it. We have also added a stack of graphic elements to our application. See new stickers, labels, and both universal frames and ones for Easter advertising.

February 14 is a great opportunity to advertise products that relate to Valentine's Day in any way. On this day, many customers want to please their partner or give someone a gift. For this purpose, we have dedicated stickers in the app to decorate your image campaigns. Below, we provide examples of how to use them in templates and a tip on how to set up automatic advertising.

Do you want to advertise more accurately? Bring attention to your goods with our e-commerce calendar and take advantage of special holidays for short-term campaigns. With our new pre-built templates and features, you can do it in a few minutes.

We have prepared a special event that allows you to increase conversions for your goods through image advertising. Improve dynamic remarketing on Facebook and advertise products with customized graphic labels. With the Feed Image Editor until the end of September, completely free.