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Transforming approach to marketing communication with Feed Image Editor

Mindsquared's case study on the use of Feed Image Editor for Hartmann's image campaigns

About the agency

Mindsquared is a 360° media agency whose foundations are built on data and innovative technologies. We are constantly monitoring current trends and tools, which allows us to help clients grow through online and offline media, strategy built on an understanding of the business context and precise execution. The agency team combines extensive experience from the world of startups and global media agencies. translates into the agency's proposition in general. At Mindsquared, we address how to effectively customize and edit graphic content for Facebook ad campaigns.

In particular, we've encountered situations where small image formats on a client's website often don't allow for proper use of logos and other graphic elements without manual intervention.
By working with Mergado's feed editing engine, we solved this problem by integrating the Feed Image Editor, resulting in faster creation and editing of graphic elements.

Campaigns before implementing Feed Image Editor


Logos were overlapping products on large images. If products were zoomed out, the content shrank so much that it didn't show the message needed. It was not possible to easily insert discounts and other important graphic elements.



Lengthy and costly process of editing each product manually, which slowed down the launch of campaigns and increased the cost of graphic editing.

Campaigns after implementing Feed Image Editor


Automatic editing of product images with the ability to add logos, discounts, promotional pricing and special promotions directly in the product feed. Additionally, we can edit the entire feed, a set of products or a single product (e.g. a new product tag, a discount, etc.).



Significantly speed up the campaign development process, reduce graphic design costs and increase flexibility when running special offers.


The integration of Feed Image Editoru has delivered a number of key benefits and improvements.

Increased customer engagement

Relevant and visually appealing ads significantly increased customer interest and interaction.

More efficient content creation process

Saved time and resources (through automation and the ability to make quick adjustments) allowed the team to focus on the strategic and creative aspects of the campaigns.

The integration of Feed Image Editoru has significantly transformed the approach to marketing campaigns and minimized manual intervention in graphics. We are able to use the time saved to refine the campaign setup and address the strategic view of marketing communications.

This technology has opened up new opportunities for creative and effective use of visual content. As a result, we intend to use Feed Image Editor more intensively in order to continuously improve the performance of our marketing campaigns.

This article was written in partnership with Mindsquared by Nikola Volenová.

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